Designer and Management

Claudia Hagn Textildesignerin

Professional experience of the management of Textile Concepts:

Professional experience in management, sales and design INDEPENDENTLY  

  • 2020 (January) Foundation of Webshop Mallorca Brands .
    Designer and artist products for discerning end customers

  • 2018 Foundation of Textile Concepts
    Conceptual textile studio & consulting agency for the textile industry
    (Heimtex, fashion, technical fabrics)



Professional experience in management / PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT MUMBAI

  • 08/15/2015 - 02/28/2017
    General Manager Europe - sales at Welspun Global Brands India


  • Establishment of the European headquarters in Germany for the retail and hospitality sectors

  • (Terrycloth, bed linen, bath rugs, bathrobes, mattress protectors, carpets)

  • Leadership, consulting, management

  • Create business plans and analyzes

  • Structuring and organization

  • Preparation of the Indian team for Europe

  • Create a presentation

  • Sales, Marketing and Branding

  • E-commerce

  • Large customer acquisition and customer talks

  • Advice on development and design

  • Trade fair planning, preparation and handling

  • International travel activities

Professional experience in textile technology and design / INDEPENDENT

  • 05/1998 - 08/2015
    Textile developer (technical implementation, design, concept for fabric and printing)
    with Claudia Hagn Textilatelier. 2 studios with a total of 16 employees (permanent and freelance)

  • 01/2004 - 11/2011
    Additional takeover of the commercial agency for Wevotex BV Holland - for the B2B / hospitality sector

  • 04/2008 - 01/2014
    Creation of own registered brand collections as well as patent application. Licensing. Successful placement at Otto Versand and various other TV projects


  • 05/2010
    Establishing a marketing / branding agency to handle marketing (photos, websites, shop, etc.) and handle the sale of own brands yourself


  • Design and collection development

  • Training for designers, technicians and salespeople

  • Sales, marketing, branding, e-commerce

  • Presentations, catalog creation, lectures and seminars

  • technical implementation of complex fabrics (fashion, home textiles and technical fabrics)

  • Programming of all common jacquard and dobby machines

  • Binding technique

  • Quality development and yarn determination

  • Production controls

  • Structuring and organization

  • Employee management and consulting

  • Product and project management

  • Creation of own registered brand collections as well as patent application

  • Marketing agency connected to it, especially for the textile sector and own brands


Long-term cooperation in programming and service with:

Large jacquard machines and CAD Ulm fabric developments in the following areas, among others:

Home textiles:

  • Otto shipping

  • Tom Tailor

  • Vossen

  • Benetton

  • Mousselli

  • and much more worldwide

technical fabrics u. Object:

  • Bosch Germany (decorative heating pads)

  • UTT Germany (armored airbag)

    Fashion fabrics (men's shirts):

  • Defacto

  • Erba Lautex

    African damasks:

  • Curt Bauer

  • Ch. Dierig



Experience abroad

Since 1991 Recurring and longer job-related places of work outside of Europe

  • China

  • India

  • Pakistan

  • Syria

  • South Africa

  • Turkey

  • United States

  • West Africa: Mali (Bamako), Senegal (Dakar)

  • worldwide trade fair visits


CAD textile

Jacquard machine programming

  • EAT

  • Size

  • Nedgraphics

  • Sophis

  • Bonas

  • Size

  • Stäubli

  • Dornier

  • Sulzer

  • Picanol

  • Vamatex


Other knowledge and interests

  • architecture

  • photography

  • Movie

  • Web design and programming

  • Write and copy

  • Drawing and painting

  • Animal and environmental protection

  • Sports


Im Textilatelier
Bei den Damastfärberinnen in Mali
Prüfung des Afrikadamastes nach dem Färben in Mali
in der türkischen Jacquard Weberei

Dear reader,


my name is Claudia Hagn and I have been successfully working in the international textile industry as a textile designer and developer of high quality (mostly) woven fabrics since many years. At the age of 16, I fell in love with my current profession and from then on steadily pursued my professional development. After my training in Münchberg (focus on weaving production), I became very young studio manager of the medium-sized Terry weaving Floringo, then switched to

fashion and damasks of the Christian Dierig GmbH and finally founded

in my mid 20s my own textile studio "Hagn-Design".


My wish was to learn more different textile technics and to travel to

weaving mills all over the world.


I bought my first CAD design from my self-saved contract from the

German company Grosse Jacquard machines. To be able to program the

technical datas for the weaving machines.

By my affinity to machines, computers and binding technology was the

service of the studio immediately ordered worldwide. No way was too

far for me and no country too dangerous for that.
Likewise, I taught designers in collection creation and binding

technology or coaching salesmen for the exciting presentation of the

new collections on the market.


In 2008, I developed private labels and registered a patent. So I specialized more in the creation of theme worlds, because I knew early that this is the success of the future, if you want to stand out from the cheap market. One of the brands - "Created in Hell" - has been successfully recorded by well-known dealers in Germany and abroad and has received several television presences. As a result, I became more and more involved with marketing, branding and sales, which also benefited my clients and their collections. At the same time, I founded my own marketing agency, which exclusively dealt with presentation, web design and programming, photography, catalog production, trade fair presentation, showroom and sales for the textile sector.


By this time, 2 permanent employees and up to 14 freelancers (designers, graphic artists, computer scientists, photographers) had already supported me in the meanwhile my two studios in Germany and in Turkey.


In 2015, due to my extensive knowledge, I got a very good permanent job offer from India and switched to management and sales to build the European headquarters of Welspun Global Brands in the retail and hospitality sector. I gave my studio abroad.

In 2017, I left Welspun again and took the time to take care intensely to my ill mother before she died.

In 2018 I founded Textile Concepts to bundle the sum of my experiences and contacts to the customers. These can now be ordered - in addition to design and technology, marketing, branding, help with assortment shopping and collection sales - in my new studio. I am happy to provide my worldwide contacts to various producers and suppliers for production orders.


It is very important to me to work closely and reliably with customers on a trusting level over the long term so that optimal results can be achieved.

For me, my job is not a profession, but a vocation. I am a visionary, with a lot of courage and passion for it.
Films to it u.a. HERE and THERE - because yes, I can prove it all ;-)

I look forward to your contact,


Yours Claudia Hagn

Pantone Auswahl für kreierte Jacquardstoffe